CFP Apr 2, 2024

Studi neoclassici, Rivista internazionale, n. 12, 2024

Deadline: Jun 30, 2024

Giuliana Ericani, Museo Biblioteca Archivio Bassano del Grappa (retired)

The magazine «Studi Neoclassici. Rivista Internazionale», created with the aim of publishing the results of the activity promoted by the Instituto di ricerca per gli studi su Canova e il Neoclassicismo (Research Institute for Studies on Canova and Neoclassicism) of Bassano del Grappa, has been a tool for disseminating research of the Edizione Nazionale delle Opere di Antonio Canova (‘National edition of the works of Antonio Canova), that converge in the critical editions of the enormous Canova's epistolary, with the historical, biographical, stylistic insights that matter requires. The Guarantee Committee and in the Scientific Committee of the journal host most of the major scholars of Neoclassicism. The magazine proposes itself to the attention of scholars in various fields of research, from history to literature, from archeology to art history, from the history of culture to art criticism to the history of collecting, from the history of music to that of dance and costume. The journal articles follow the same methodological approach that characterized the «Canovian Weeks", held in the first decades of this century in the Museum of Bassano del Grappa, ie the one of connecting different artistic and cultural experiences, from literature to art history, to history and to other arts included in the historical period between second half of the eighteenth and the first decades of the twentieth century, with the intention of proposing a complete and not only specialized picture of the theme. The journal «Studi Neoclassici. Rivista Internazionale» publishes monographic numbers and free topic numbers relating to the historical period of the journal, the texts of which, selected through a «Call for papers» procedure, are all - except for rare and justified exceptions - subject to the procedure «peer review» by a so-called «double blind peer review» procedure. In the case of the aforementioned exceptions it is the management, in its collegiality, that after careful examination assumes the responsibility of accepting the texts. The number 11, 2023 will host free articles and one / two reviews of volumes relating to the period covered by the magazine, edited in 2021 and 2023. Papers related Canova, his life and works, his relashionship with the other artists of his time, architects, painters, artisans and sculptors, writers, players and his peers and follower’s artworks will be put first.

The editorial rules are on the site of the review:

The texts can be presented in Italian, German, French, English or Spanish, must not exceed 35,000 characters (spaces and notes included) and must be sent, by June 30, 2024, to the scientific directors of the review at the email addresses: or

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