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Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide, spring 2024 issue

Petra Chu

NCAW Spring 2024, Vol.23, Issue 1
Table of Contents

Editors’ Welcome


“‘Far too black’: Fanny Eaton, Simeon Solomon, and The Mother of Moses”
by Roberto C. Ferrari

“‘Her Own Room Will Be a Picture’: Alva Vanderbilt’s Bedroom à la Pompadour at Marble House (1892) by Jules Allard et Fils”
by Kedra Kearis

“A City of One’s Own: The Parisian Letters of the Swedish Painter Hanna Hirsch-Pauli”
by Carina Rech

“From Center to Periphery: International Collaboration in Mid-Nineteenth Century Rome and the Artistic Milieu for a Silver Commission for Malta”
by Mark Sagona

New Discoveries

“Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Antinous, 1874”
by Stefania Corsini, Etta M. Madden, and Caterina Y. Pierre

“Mary Ann Flaxman, Portrait of Eleanor Anne Porden, ca. 1811”
by Maureen Warren and Virginia Brilliant

Practicing Art History

“Reinstalling Nineteenth-Century American Art in US Museums”
organized by Kim Orcutt and Isabel L. Taube

Book Reviews

Artful Subversion: Empress Dowager Cixi’s Image Making
by Ying-chen Peng
Reviewed by Michael J. Hatch

Scented Visions: Smell in Art, 1850–1914
by Christina Bradstreet
Reviewed by Jan Marsh

Creole: Portraits of France’s Foreign Relations during the Long Nineteenth Century
by Darcy Grimaldo Grigsby
Reviewed by Isabelle Mattar

The Presence of the Past in French Art, 1870–1905: Modernity and Continuity
by Richard Thomson
Reviewed by Neil McWilliam

Sculpture at the Ends of Slavery
by Caitlin Meehye Beach
Reviewed by Kim Orcutt

Théodore Rousseau and the Rise of the Modern Art Market
by Simon Kelly
Reviewed by Kelly Presutti

Exhibition Reviews

Reckoning with Millet’s “Man with a Hoe,” 1863–1900
Reviewed by Lynne D. Ambrosini

The Rossettis
Reviewed by Meaghan Clarke

Francisco Pradilla (1848–1921): Más que un pintor dehistoria (Francisco Pradilla [1848–1921]: More than a History Painter)
Reviewed by Andrew Ginger

Degas and the Laundress: Women, Work, and Impressionism
Reviewed by Ruth E. Iskin and Andrea Wolk Rager

Louis Janmot: Le Poème de l’âme (Louis Janmot: The Poem of the Soul)
Reviewed by Jonathan P. Ribner

Fashioned by Sargent
Reviewed by Gretchen Sinnett

Caspar David Friedrich und die Vorboten der Romantik (Caspar David Friedrich and the Precursors of Romanticism)
Reviewed by Gregor Wedekind

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