STIP Mar 13, 2024

Martin Warnke Research Stays, Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid

Centro de Estudios, Museo Nacional del Prado, Sep 1–30, 2024
Application deadline: Apr 30, 2024


Professor Martin Warnke Research Stays Programme 2024.

The Museo del Prado with the collaboration with the Goethe Institut Madrid have launched the Professor Martin Warnke Research Stays Programme to facilitate short study stays for academics and researchers with residence in the European Union.

The programme foresees the stay of one researcher for four consecutive weeks from 1 to 30 September at the Centro de Estudios del Museo del Prado, offering a workspace, extended access to the Library, Archives and Documentation, direct contact with the Museum´s academic community and access to the Campus Prado.

During the month of the stay, the selected researcher will be able to stay free of charge in a flat provided by the Goethe Institut Madrid, where there will be access to a classroom in case additional space to work is requiered.

Elegible applications are for researchers who are in the process of completing their doctoral thesis or are already in possesion of a PhD degree with a research proposed in the field of Art History or related disciplines whose projects are related to the collections of the Museo del Prado or deal with subjects linked to them.

Application deadline: from April 1 to April 30, through application form published at:

Applications must include an identity document, an abreviated CV and a summary of the research project with a limit of 400 words.

Applications can be submitted in Spanish, English and German.

The selected researcher must have health, accident and civil liability insurance for the duration of the stay.

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