JOB Feb 23, 2024

Associate Professor, History of non-European arts, Rennes 2 University

Rennes (FR), Sep 01, 2024
Application deadline: Mar 29, 2024

Florence Duchemin-Pelletier

Associate Professor in History of non-European arts (XIIIth-XIXth centuries).

The Department of Art History and Archaeology at Rennes 2 University is seeking an art historian specializing in artistic productions and/or material culture of a non-European area in a period ranging from the 13th to the 19th century. Their work should align with the new methodologies of art history and demonstrate attention to the dynamics of exchange of artworks and artifacts, as well as transcultural interactions in various contexts (colonial, pre-colonial, or in situations of sovereignty). An ability to consider, from a trans-secular perspective, phenomena of appropriation and hybridization, expressions of belonging, or strategies of assertion will also be appreciated. All non-European regions are relevant: Africas, Americas, Asias, Oceania-Pacific.

The selected candidate will contribute to teaching non-European art history and modern art history at all levels of the curriculum, from undergraduate to master's level. They will deliver lectures and lead seminars, employing a globalized and connected approach to art history. They may also be required to teach courses related to heritage history, new theories and epistemologies, and participate in professionalization tracks. They will supervise, in coordination with other faculty members, Master's theses within the research track "History and Criticism of the Arts" and professionalization tracks. They may also be involved in preparing students for heritage competitions or for the Aggregation and CAPES in Fine Arts. The selected candidate is expected to actively participate in the department's activities and gradually assume pedagogical responsibilities (year or track leadership, examination boards, pedagogical commissions, various coordinations) and administrative duties (department leadership, representation in UFR councils, etc.). The selected candidate is expected to have an excellent level of French since all courses will be delivered in the language.

The selected candidate will be affiliated with the Research Unit "History and Criticism of the Arts," whose scientific project favors an interdisciplinary and transnational approach to research, within the broad field of cultural history. They will have demonstrated through their work and publications their attention to cultural transfers, situated histories, points of contact, and cultural anthropology, as well as their interest in current theoretical fields (e.g., inter- and transculturality, post- and decolonial studies, globalization, métissage, creolization, indigenization). The selected candidate should enrich the research axes of the Unit and contribute to its scientific influence through the international dimension of their projects. Particular attention will be paid to experiences within scientific networks in France and abroad, particularly through postdoctoral positions. The ability to engage in the development of collective projects with regional, national, and/or international partners is also desired.

Gross monthly salary: Starting from 2638€

Teaching activities
CUGY Pascale and DUCHEMIN-PELLETIER Florence, Co-Heads of Department of Art History and Archaeology:

Research Activities
JANNIERE Hélène, Head of Research Unity « History and Criticism of the Arts »:

NOEL Annick, Administrator:

The application process is entirely digital and is done through the dedicated application, the candidate space on GALAXIE:

The server will be open from Thursday, February 22, 2024, 10 a.m. (Paris time) to Friday, March 29, 2024, 4 p.m. (Paris time). No paper applications will be accepted, and no additional documents can be added to the application after the server closes.

For each type of application (transfer, detachment, recruitment), the required documents as stipulated by regulations are listed in the decree of February 6, 2023, regarding the general procedures for transfer, detachment, and recruitment through competitive examinations for associate professors, university professors, and junior professorships.
We also encourage you to consult the decree of June 6, 1984, concerning the status of teaching researchers.
Administrative documents and the defense report written wholly or partly in a foreign language must be accompanied by a translation into French, which the candidate attests to the accuracy of on their honor. The translation of the analytical presentation is optional, and works, books, articles, and achievements in a foreign language may be accompanied by a summary in French.

For recruitments: refer to Title I Chapter 2 Article 7 of the decree of February 6, 2023 (position published under reference article 26-I-1 or 26-I-2).
For transfers: refer to Title I Chapter 3 Article 8 of the decree of February 6, 2023.
For detachments: refer to Title I Chapter 4 Article 10 of the decree of February 6, 2023.

Every candidate need to acquire a preliminar "qualification" or an exemption before applying. Please consult this document for further details or reach out to the administration for assistance.

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