CFP Feb 22, 2024

Texture in the Medieval World (York, 1-2 Jun 24)

Centre for Medieval Studies, University of York, United Kingdom, Jun 1–02, 2024
Deadline: Mar 30, 2024

Tracey Davison

Texture in the Medieval World.
Interdisciplinary Conference, Centre for Medieval Studies, University of York.

Building on the past success of EMICS events, this, the 21st conference of this research series, considers the possible visual and conceptual approaches to Texture in the Medieval World in its widest possible contexts, through examining written, archaeological, pictorial, architectural, geographical, cartographical and liturgical material in order to shed new light on the uses, understanding, purposes, and transformations of texture in the Middle Ages.
The interdisciplinary, two-day conference focuses on the visual, conceptual and haptic qualities of textual and visual material and their importance and use in the medieval world. In order to explore the relationship between text, texture and materiality papers will explore ideas of; decoration, colour or luxurious materials; manipulation of texture and materiality through skeuomorphism and symbolism or as exegetical devices; the role of texture and materiality in conveying status, wealth and power in textual, social and material contexts and physicality, presence and scale whether actual, imagined or implied.

Themes will include: craft, technique and process; finished/unfinished; fragments; fraying; fabric; threads; woven, interwoven; embroidered and embellished; edges and borders; webs; networks and exchanges; thus lending itself as a topic to multiple interpretations across various media. This conference (re)considers various facets of textural constructions and understandings in the medieval past, as viewed from the present, seeking an interdisciplinary approach to this topic - including ideas of how texture and depictions of it change over time, and the significance of these changes to the construction of past structures and narratives. By reaching across boundaries of discipline and period, this conference provides a forum for the sharing of ideas, and the exploration of new thoughts on texture. The conference crosses various disciplines and periods, bringing together emerging scholars working across several fields of research with established academics, to provide a platform for the reconsideration of the idea of “texture” in its widest possible connotations.

We invite 20 minute papers related to the theme of texture.

250-word proposals should be sent to by no later than 30 March 2024.

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