CONF Feb 10, 2024

Inside Drawings (Houston, 3-7 Jun 24)

Houston, Texas, U.S.A., Jun 3–07, 2024
Registration deadline: Mar 22, 2024

The Menil Drawing Institute

Inside Drawings: A Workshop on the Materiality of Unique Works on Paper.

The Menil Drawing Institute at the Menil Collection in Houston is dedicated to the study and display of drawing, with a focus on scholarship and raising public appreciation of the medium—from early drawings to modern and contemporary works. "Inside Drawings: A Workshop on the Materiality of Unique Works on Paper" will address the physical components of drawing practices in a focused manner, intended to give curators of drawing collections a broader understanding of unique works on paper for the purpose of better defining, researching, and interpreting drawings.

Fully funded by the Getty Foundation through their Paper Project initiative, this weeklong workshop will utilize the collection and staff of the Menil, involving outside experts in the fields of paper conservation, papermaking history, materials study, conservation imaging and science, and curation of drawings. There will be hands-on opportunities to deepen understanding of materials, as well as visits to exhibitions, collections, and an artist’s studio.

Sixteen selected participants will have all expenses paid. Ideal participants will be early to mid‐career curators, with up to fifteen years of experience, who work directly with a collection of drawings. The Menil Drawing Institute seeks to assemble an international cohort of colleagues to participate in this workshop and encourages international applicants.

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