CFP Sep 21, 2022

Mosaico, issue 24: Art and Esotericism

Deadline: Jan 30, 2023

Teresa Lousa

Art and Esotericism. Issue 24, Jan/Jun 2023 of the journal MOSAICO - Revista de Pesquisa em Artes.
[ISSN: 2175-0769]

We inform that the call for the submissions of works is open for issue 24 (Jan/Jun 2023) of the journal O MOSAICO - Revista de Pesquisa em Artes [ISSN: 2175-0769]. The journal is a biannual publication, in digital format, of the State University of Paraná (UNESPAR), Campus Curitiba II, Faculty of Arts of Paraná (FAP), that aims to disseminate articles, essays, reviews, interviews, translations and descriptive memorials. For this issue, in addition to the works received in a continuous flow (works in the areas of Visual Arts, Video Arts, Performing Arts, Cinema, Dance, Music and Theatre, in their most varied forms of disciplinary analysis, submissions will be accepted for the issue “Art and Esotericism”, organized by Professors Teresa Lousa and José Eliézer Mikosz.

Art can be a vehicle of expression of inner knowledge, being considered by Gnosis one of the four columns of knowledge, together with Science, Philosophy and Religion. In the same way, certain types of art bear witness to images of the unconscious that refer us to archetypes, and a whole mysterious dimension that goes beyond the subjective plane. We can find, from Antiquity to Contemporaneity, in all cultures, western and eastern, from primitive communities to the present, in temples, paintings, sculptures, in music and also in dance, entertainment, literature and poetry, many examples of how the artists shaped, in a metaphorical language, intuitions of a spiritual knowledge or a science tending to be dialectical. More than a mystical path, art is also one of the main cultural manifestations of knowledge that, because it is not guided only by logos, it lifts the veil of another type of knowledge, sometimes only felt and, thus, putting us in touch with the ineffable. Esotericism has undeniably found in art, due to its imagery-metaphorical and non-textual or literal character, an extremely fertile territory of diffusion and promotion. Thus, in this Dossier, we would like to receive proposals that explore the relationship between art and esotericism, seen in a comprehensive way from the perspective of transculturalism.

The deadline for submitting materials is from September 12, 2022 to January 30, 2023, through registration via the link .

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