CONF Jun 16, 2022

Artistic and Architectural Heritage of the Nobility (Ljubljana, 22-24 Jun 22)

Ljubljana, Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Jun 22–24, 2022

Tina Košak

Artistic and Architectural Heritage of the Nobility Between Old and New Regimes: Transformations, Reinterpretations and New Uses

Ljubljana, Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (ZRC SAZU)
France Stele Institute of Art History
Organization: Tina Košak, Helena Seražin, Renata Komić Marn


Wednesday, 22 June
Venue: ZRC SAZU, Atrij, Prešeren Hall, Novi trg 2, 4, Ljubljana

15.00 (CET) Registration

15.30 Welcome and Introduction
- Dr. Oto Luthar, director of the ZRC SAZU
- Dr. Helena Seražin, Deputy Head of the France Stele Institute
of Art History ZRC SAZU
- Dr. Tina Košak, project leader

Session 1 The Falls of Old Regimes and Their Aftermath
Chair: Miha Preinfalk

- Antonio Urquízar-Herrera (Madrid):
The End of Legal Entailments and the Situation of the Collections of the Old Nobility in Nineteenth-century Spain

- Andrej Žmegač (Zagreb):
A Family Album


16.45–17.00 Coffee break

- Arianna Candeago (Venice):
The Molin Collection Between the Old and New Regimes

- Valeria Paruzzo (Trento):
Ca’ Rezzonico in the Nineteenth Century: The Dispersal of its Collections and the New Uses of the Palace


18.00–18. 15 Break

18.15–19.00 Keynote speech
Adriana Turpin (London):
The Transfer, Translation and Appropriation of French Eighteenth-century Styles in the Aristocratic Interiors of Nineteenth-century Britain

19.30 Dinner


Thursday, 23 June
Venue: ZRC SAZU, Atrij, Novi trg 2

Session 2 From Private Aristocratic Collections to Public Museums
Chair: Renata Komić Marn

- Martin Nixon (Dubai):
The Palazzo Biscari Museum in Catania, Sicily: Archaeology, Academies, and the Work of Aristocracy

- Tanja Gomiršek (Nova Gorica):
Count Silverio de Baguers Museum Collection in Dobrovo

- Whitney Dennis (Madrid):
“The Man who Lived in a Museum”: The Reconstruction of the Duke of Alba’s Liria Palace (1936–1957)

- Tomaž Lazar (Ljubljana):
Material Heritage of the Nobility in the Arms and Armour Collection of the National Museum of Slovenia


11.30–12.00 Coffee break

Session 3 Aristocratic Collecting and the Influence of the Bourgeoise
Chair: Adriana Turpin

- Nikita Balagurov (Lund):
Art and Embourgeoisement at the Russian Court: Museum of the Grand Duke Alexander Alexandrovich in Anichkov Palace in Saint Petersburg

- Michela Degortes (Lisbon):
The Palmela Collection: A Glance at the Pattern of Patronage and Collecting in Portugal Between the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries


13.00–14.30 Lunch

Session 4 Social and Identity Perspectives
Chair: Tina Košak

- Martina Frank (Venice):
New Patrons for a New Social Order: the Aggregations to the Nobility During the First Period of the Lombard-Venetian Kingdom

- Kamila Kłudkiewicz, Michał Mencfel (Poznan):
The Stateless Nation’s Elite: The Collections of the Polish Aristocracy 1795–1918

- Maria Rogucka (Krakow):
From Czartoryska to Jasieński: Collecting, and Being Collected, in Occupied Poland


16.00–16.30 Coffee break

Session 5 New Styles of Manors and Castles
Chair: Franci Lazarini

- Dubravka Botica (Zagreb):
New Life of Baroque Castles in North-western Croatia: The Renovation of the Erdödy and Vranyczany Family Castles at the End of the Nineteenth and Beginning of the Twentieth Century

- Tomaš Valeš, Jan Galeta (Brno):
Manors of Aristocratic ῾Coal Barons᾿ on the Borders of Austria-Hungary and Prussia

- Margarida Elias (Lisbon):
One of the Last Palaces of Lisbon: The Mansion of the 4th Duke of Lafões in Rua dos Anjos (1914)


18.30 Dinner


Friday, 24 June
Venue: ZRC SAZU, Prešeren Hall, Novi trg 4

Session 6 Administration and Heritage Protection
Chair: Renata Komić Marn

- Marija Wakounig (Vienna):
Art Collectors, Patrons and Monument Protectors: Johann and Franz von und zu Liechtenstein

- Kristina Uhliková, Šárka Radostová (Prague):
Administrators of Aristocratic Collections in the Czech Lands

- Silvija Lučevnjak (Našice), Jasminka Najcer (Osijek):
Saving the Heritage of Noble Families of Slavonia and Slovenia after World War II – a Comparative View

11.00 –11.30 Coffee break

Session 7 Renovations and New Uses of Palaces and Castles
Chair: Helena Seražin

- Silvia Marin Barutcieff (Bucharest): Old Edifices, New Uses: Three Residential Buildings of a Romanian Aristocratic Family and their Destiny after 1939

- Joaquim Rodrigues dos Santos (Lisbon): Restoration of Fortified Manor Houses by the Portuguese Dictatorial Regime

12.30–14.00 Lunch

Session 8 Confiscations, Musealisation and Sales of Art Objects
Chair: Tina Košak

- Renata Komić Marn (Ljubljana): Sequestrated, Sold, Confiscated: Artefacts from the Szapary Collection in the Pomurje Museum in Murska Sobota

- Bartol Fabijanič (Zagreb): The Paintings in the Strossmayer Gallery of Old Masters in Zagreb from Several Castles in Continental Croatia

- Marcela Rusinko (Brno): “Keep Those Kitsch Away from Czech Hands!” Ethnic Cleansing in the Light of Provenance Research: Nobility Furnishings on the Post-WWII Czechoslovakia Art Market


15.30 Closing Remarks


The conference was funded by the Slovenian Research Agency within research project "Art and Nobility in Times of Decline: Transformations, translocations and Reinterpretations" and research programme "Art in Slovenia at a Cultural Crossroads".

The Conference is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the independent institute now called the France Stele Institute of Art History of the Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

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