CFP 12.05.2022

Heritage Landscapes in the Age of Social Media (online/Vienna, 10-12 Nov 22)

online / Vienna City Hall, Felderstraße 1, 1010 Vienna, 10.–12.11.2022
Eingabeschluss: 27.06.2022

Nicolas Marine, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

At the end of the 20th century, documents like the UNESCO’s World Heritage Guidelines or the European Landscape Convention proposed new and challenging ways of conceptualizing heritage landscapes, such as Las Medulas in Spain, Wachau in Austria, or the Rice Terraces of Honghe Hani in China. Consequently, in the last two decades, archaeologists, landscape architects and geographers have re-evaluated their tools of spatial assessment in order to better landscape conservation policies. During the same time, social media has grown into an extensive source of data with a certain influence on how we regard cultural heritage. Currently, numerous researchers are advocating the value of social media data to better comprehend our past and how people perceive and live cultural assets.

Therefore, we invite you to send specific projects or theoretical positions that deepen this relationship between heritage landscapes and social media. This session is part of the 27th Conference on Cultural Heritage and New Technologies (CHNT27) and it delves into several questions:
- Is social media useful for recognizing and adapting to changes in landscape character and meaning?
- Is it bringing a more democratic understanding of the landscape and its conservation?
- Does it serve local communities to express their feelings towards governance policies?
- How can we link the application of user generated content to heritage with the digitalization principles of the EU Next Generation plan?
- Is it possible to relate the use of user data with the decentralization concepts of Web 3.0?

We invite to submit papers, short papers, posters and apps in the form of a long abstract. The Call is open until June 27th, 2022. Presenters have the possibility to publish their contributions in the proceedings of the conference. The proceedings of the Conference on Cultural Heritage and New Technologies will be published as an e-book series on propylaeum, the information service for the classics in Heidelberg. The book and all of its papers will be available permanently with persistent identifiers (doi). The papers or the whole book will be available there in open access under a creative commons license. There are two formats for publishing in the proceedings: Papers and short papers.

We are looking forward to your contribution! Please use the appropriate template and the submission form on our website: Call-for-papers ( Responses will be given after the deadline.

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