CFP May 12, 2022

AIWAC: Women’s Legacies (Rome, 19-21 Oct 22)

online / Rome, University of Arkansas Rome Center, Oct 19–21, 2022
Deadline: Jun 19, 2022

Consuelo Lollobrigida, University of Arkansas Rome Center

Second Edition of the Annual International Women in the Arts Conference (AIWAC): Women’s Legacies in Natural Studies, Health, and Liberal Arts

Convened by Consuelo Lollobrigida and Adelina Modesti
Organized by: University of Arkansas Rome Program

The 2022 AIWAC “Women’s Legacies in Natural Studies, Health, and Liberal Arts” focuses on the correlation between women and naturalism from ancient times to contemporaneity.
As the past decade has seen a considerable amount of research centered on the legacy of women as patrons of the arts, artists, writers, philosophers, during the 2022 AIWAC, we will explore the topic more thoroughly in the context of naturalism, seen as a subject of investigation in multiple disciplines. Papers may focus on figures such as, but not limited to, Queen Haptshepsut (c. 1513/1507 b.C. 1458 b.C.); Hildegard of Bingen (1098 – 1179); Giovanna Garzoni (1600 – 1670); Maria Sibylla Merian (1647 – 1717); Eleanor Glanville (c. 1654 – 1709); Maria Martin Bachman (1796 – 1863); Elizabeth Gertrude Britton (1858 – 1934); Paula Modersohn-Becker (1876 – 1907); Suzanne Valadon (1865-1938); Francesca Alinovi (1948 – 1983); Vera Molnár (born 1924).

The proposal can be art historical as well as philosophical, literary or technical in nature. Case studies as well as papers providing a broader view and/or of a more reflective nature are welcomed, and can include the following topics:
- Botanical Studies and History of Naturalism
- Tacuina Sanitatis, Still Lifes, and Treatises
- Midwifery texts, sacred or secular manuscripts
- Wet-Nursing, theories and representation (Madonna Lactans)
- Hysteria, Folly and Witchcraft
- Photography and Digital Art
- Recipes as legacies of women’s knowledge (medicinal herbs, cosmetics, culinary)
- Taking the Baths: women’s health and well-being

Conference papers will be published in the AIWAC acta colloquia postprint series in collaboration with Brepols Publishers.

To submit the proposal:
- Write an abstract in English in word; max. 500 words (excl. authors name(s) and contact details). Include a short bio of 150 words max.
- Save the proposal as following: AIWAC_name and family name
- Include a short CV
- E-mail to,

Practical information
- Call for papers deadline: June 19, 2022
- Successful applicants will receive a notification by August 31, 2022
- The talks should be no longer than 20 minutes.
- The organizers cannot contribute towards transport and/or accommodation costs of speakers or attendees.

The conference will take place at University of Arkansas Rome Center and will combine selected paper presentations with keynote speakers.
The final program will be communicated in September 2022.
*Disclaimer: Should new travel restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic arise, the 2022 AIWAC will be held online via webinar presentations.

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