CONF May 7, 2022

Digital Matters - Digital Materiality (Zurich, 9 May 22)

ETH Zurich, May 9, 2022

Nina Zschocke

Crystals, Copper and Coal: Matter hosts and feeds the Digital. Buildings, Bodies and Brains: Material Realities are transformed by Data. Digital Materiality - Digital Matters: Thinking beyond dichotomies, this interdisciplinary symposium addresses problems shared by theory and practice. Researchers from the fields of Architecture and Art, History and Philosophy will discuss past, present and future relations between bits and atoms.

What is the materiality of the digital? In which ways do digital technologies change the design, production, experience and use of physical environments? Can atoms be translated into bits? Is computation grounded by matter? How does the digital extend or limit material practices? Under which circumstances do digital technologies appear as ambiances, environments or tools? How does intuition relate to automation? Will the future be determined by programmed matter or by decaying data?

A joint event of the Institute of Technology in Architecture (ita) and the Institute for the History and Theory of Architecture (gta) at ETH Zurich. The performance by Madeline Gannon has been supported by the NCCR Digital Fabrication.


08.30 Fabio Gramazio, Nina Zschocke: Introduction

09.00 Mireille Hildebrandt (University of Brussels): Shock architecture and the optics of choice

10.00 Benjamin Dillenburger (ETH Zurich): Instruments of Imagination. The computer as partner in design

11.00 Coffee Break

11.10 Inge Hinterwaldner (KIT Karlsruhe): Between Collateral Retirements and Digital Affordances. Dealing with Browser Art

12.10 Karin Sander (ETH Zurich): Sculptural Data

13.10 Lunch Break

14.10 Ralf Baecker (University of the Arts Bremen): Computing Spaces and Material Narrations

15.10 Georg Vrachliotis (TU Delft): Design, Society, and Digital Unrest

16.10 Coffee Break

16.20 Fabio Gramazio (ETH Zurich): Digital Materiality in Architecture

17.20 Madeline Gannon (ATONATON Pittsburgh): New Frontiers in Human-Robot Relations

18.20 Panel Discussion (Moderation: Nina Zschocke)

19.00 Performance by Madeline Gannon (! Location: Robotic Fabrication Laboratory, HIB C)

The event will take place on site: ETH Zurich, Campus Hönggerberg, building HIB
Video documentation will be made available after the event at

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