CFP Mar 28, 2022

Arts, Special Issue: Rethinking Materiality in Modern and Contemporary Art

Mar 28–May 2, 2022
Deadline: May 2, 2022

Nissim Gal, Haifa University

Arts, an international peer-reviewed, open access journal invites submissions for a special issue: "Rethinking Materiality in Modern and Contemporary Art"
Key words: materiality, agency, matter, mobility, making

This Special Issue aims to revisit materiality as a methodologic approach and as a theme in modern and contemporary visual culture. The past two decades witnessed the implementation and application in visual culture studies of the discourse on materiality, beginning with the adoption of Latourian approaches and ‘thing theory,’ and continuing with more recent critical accounts of its horizons and limits. Throughout this time, materiality came to be understood more as a ‘matter’ than as related to a ‘material’ – a process that paved the way for analyzing artworks outside the context of the physical object, concentrating on the effect of art through concepts derived from its conception and reception.
In this Special Issue, we wish to reevaluate materiality from a scholarly perspective, considering the making and reading of modern and contemporary art under current aesthetic, political and economic environments. One example of how such approaches can be substantially extended and developed is contextualizing them in the virtual age, as the term “things” becomes increasingly dematerialized, and digital platforms breed and nurture innovative ways of production, transportation and consumption. Other possibilities might include studies that seek new ways of engaging with materiality through a discussion of forms of objecthood, the agency of art, mobility and exchange, the eco-power of art and more. We welcome both theoretical writings and qualitative studies that offer a current and new understanding or practice of materiality.

Please note, only those whose summary of the article has been received and approved may submit the full version of the article.

Also please note the different submission dates of the article summary and the manuscript.
Deadline for abstract: May 2, 2022
Deadline for manuscript submissions: 15 September 2022

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