CFP Jan 17, 2022

Nineteenth-Century Art from a Global Perspective

Petra ten-Doesschate Chu

Call for Manuscripts new Brill Series:
Nineteenth-Century Art from a Global Perspective
Editor-in-Chief : Petra ten-Doesschate Chu (Seton Hall University)
Editorial Board: Renée Ater (University of Maryland), Tim Barringer (Yale University), Rafael Cardoso (Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro), Yeewan Koon (Hongkong University), Mary Roberts (University of Sydney), Jürg Schneider (University of Basel), Andrey Shabanov (European University of Petersburg)

Nineteenth-Century Art from a Global Perspective is a book series that seeks to reflect the ubiquity and breadth of nineteenth-century art and visual culture around the world and to highlight the effects of one of the major characteristics of the long nineteenth century, the
growing interconnectedness caused by rapid development of transportation and communication technologies, imperialism, and mass migrations and diasporas. The aim of the series is at once to feature national and regional forms of art and visual culture that are outside the established canon and to illuminate intercultural contact zones through the careful study of artefacts and the contexts in which they were created, collected, shown, and used.

The peer-reviewed book series accommodates scholarly monographs, collections of essays and conference proceedings. Books are printed in full colour and published in print and as an e-book.

We invite scholars to submit their English language manuscript proposal for the book series to Liesbeth Hugenholtz, Acquisitions Editor Art & Architecture at Brill (
For more information about the series please contact
Petra ten-Doesschate Chu (
issn 2773-0549

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