CONF Nov 29, 2021

Towards Ecocritical Art History 1, The Challenge of Method (online, 2-3 Dec 22)

online / University of Vienna, Dec 3–04, 2021
Registration deadline: Nov 30, 2021

Olga Smith, London

Towards Ecocritical Art History: Methods and Practices
Organisers: Dr. Olga Smith (University of Vienna)
Prof. Andrew Patrizio (University of Edinburgh)

A series of three workshops on ecocritical methods in art history taking place in 2021-2022. The main objective of this series of workshops is to identify methods (including frameworks, paradigms, approaches and practices) that will facilitate the work of art historians engaged with the issues of environmental interrelation, sustainability, and justice, across all historical periods.

Location: online
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The theoretical positions that inform much ecocritical art history are becoming increasingly familiar and well known (from new materialism, posthumanism, eco-Marxism, environmental justice and activism, eco-feminism, and many more). What existing methods in art history and visual studies can be adapted, re-tooled or revived to facilitate ecocritical inquiries in art history? We revisit canonical approaches (from formalism, feminism, queer theory, critical race and postcolonial studies, critical animal studies, psychology and perception studies) to consider the methods used therein and potential applicability to the ecocritical project in art history.

Workshop 1: 3-4 December 2021, 5-8 PM (CET)

3 December 2021

17.00-17.20 Eva Horn – Welcome // Andrew Patrizio and Olga Smith – Introduction

17.20-17.40 Greg M. Thomas – 'Art Ecologies of The Past: Representation vs Function'

17.40-18.00 Gregory Levine – 'Close Looking, but at What? An Intimation of Disintegration and Reintegration'

18.00-18.40 Discussion and Break

18.40-19.00 Sugata Ray – 'Geoaesthetics at The Limits of Global Art History'

19.00-19.20 Catherine E. Karkov – 'Talking with Things'

19.20-20.00 Discussion

4 December 2021

17.00-17.20 Mark Cheetham – 'Weathering The Discipline of Art History'

17.20-17.40 Tihomir Topuzovski – 'A Landscape of Anxiety'

17.40-18.00 Stephen Bann – 'New Art History? A perspective on the Ecological Turn'

18.00-18.40 Discussion and Break

18.40-19.00 Nina Amstutz – 'A Multi-Species Framework for Art: The Case of Bowerbirds Across Cultures and Disciplines'

19.00-19.20 Jaimey Hamilton Faris – 'Immersive Gestures: Decolonial (Hydro)Feminist Methods'

19.20-20.00 Discussion

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