CONF Oct 15, 2021

Persian Art: Early 20th Century Central Europe (online/Vienna, 29-30 Oct 21)

Online / Institute of Art History, University of Vienna, Oct 29–30, 2021

Yuka Kadoi, University of Vienna

International Workshop
Persian Art: The Shifting of Objects, Images and Ideas in Early 20th Century Central Europe

Organised by the research project funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) / Lise Meitner Programme (M2428-G25) in collaboration with the Institute of Art History, Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies, University of Vienna

Convenor: Yuka Kadoi (University of Vienna / FWF)


Friday 29 October 2021, 14:00-17:00 (CET)

14:00-14:15 Registration
14:15-14:30 Welcome & Introduction

Session 1: Mechanisms of Acquisition and Presentation
Chair: Suzanne Marchand (Louisiana State University)

14:30-15:00 Robert Born (BKGE Oldenburg), Austrian and Hungarian Expeditions to Persia and Central Asia in the Last Decades of the Monarchy

15:00-15:30 Johannes Wieninger (formerly MAK), “Die Ausstellung islamischer Miniaturen, Textilien und Kleinkunst”: An Exhibition in the Austrian Museum for Art and Industry in 1935

15:30-16:00 Coffee break

Session 2: Mechanisms of Rediscoveries
Chair: Simone Wille (University of Innsbruck / FWF)

16:00-16:30 Ebba Koch (University of Vienna), Rediscovering Mughal Painting in Vienna: The Millionenzimmer in Early 20th-Century Contexts

16:30-17:00 Markus Ritter (University of Vienna), The 1933 Discovery and Persian Art Historiography of a Royal Textile in Vienna

Saturday 30 October 2021, 10:00-13:00 (CET)

Session 3: Mechanisms of Displacement
Chair: Barbara Karl (Textilmuseum St.Gallen)

10:00-10:30 Yuka Kadoi (Univeristy of Vienna / FWF), From Vienna to New York: The Emperor’s Carpet in Transit

10:30-11:00 Iván Szántó (ELTE Budapest), Albert Eperjesy von Szászváros und Tóti and His Vanished Persian Art Collections

11:00-11:30 Coffee break

Session 4: Roundtable on Persian Cultural Heritage
Moderator: Christine Nölle-Karimi (Austrian Academy of Sciences)

11:30-12:30 Cultural Heritage at Stake: Afghanistan Updates

Confirmed Panelists:
Ute Franke (Museum of Islamic Art in Berlin)
Jean-Baptiste Clais (Louvre Paris)
Khair Muhammad Khairzada (formerly Afghan Institute of Archaeology) + Lívia Jalili (ELTE Budapest)

12:30-12:45 Conclusion

This is a hybrid (online and in-person) event, please register online using the following link:
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Participants must follow the safety guidelines to attend the lecture in person.

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