CFP Oct 12, 2021

Creative Homemaking: Visualising Home in Times of Crisis (online, 23 Mar 22)

online / Identity, Culture and Representation Research Centre, University of Derby,
Deadline: Oct 29, 2021

Maria Photiou

Symposium: Creative Homemaking: Visualising Home in Times of Crisis

This one-day virtual symposium 'Creative Homemaking: Visualising Home in Times of Crisis' aims to bring together artists, researchers, curators, and the wider audience to discuss new perspectives and experiences in visualising home in times of crisis.
In recent times, the notion of ‘home’ has been associated with different experiences. For some individuals, the home has become a safe sanctuary from outside threats. For others, it has become a place of increased domestic tensions that have resulted in new challenges in the ways one is experiencing home.

We invite submissions that reflect how the home is experienced and negotiated and the multiple perspectives of ‘homemaking’ in relation to gendered narratives, ethnicity/race, tradition/modernity, and local and global politics.
We welcome 20-minute proposals by artists, researchers and curators that explore the following themes:

- Autobiographical narratives of homemaking and belonging
- Home as a space of sanctuary
- Home as a space of agony and/or isolation
- Communities of belonging in both physical and digital spaces
- The transformation of art studio into a digital creative space

Information required for submissions:
- A proposal up to 750 words
- Up to five accompanying images and/or links to videos
- Five keywords
- A biography up to 200 words
- Full name
- Email address
- Home/work address

Please visit the website to submit a proposal:

Deadline: 29 October 2021

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