CONF Sep 18, 2021

Traversing Topologies (Luzern, 25 Sep 21)

Lucerne School of Art and Design, Aktionshalle (Nylsuisseplatz 1, 6020 Emmenbrücke), Sep 25, 2021

Rachel Mader, Hochschule Luzern - Design & Kunst

Traversing Topologies. Imagining worlds and knowledge with/through artistic research

As an experimental form of conferencing Traversing Topologies: Imagining worlds and knowledge with/through artistic research is interested in ways of experiencing real topologies in alignment with the numerous versions of their abstraction and generalization. With decentralized actions, walks, performances, and interventions, the conference explores mental, geographical, and digital landscapes, and in the process designs forward-looking perspectives for artistic research and knowledge configurations.

“To conference” means finding a way to get together, sharing experiences, approaches, methods, processes and results. The conference connects three linguistic regions (Central Switzerland, Valais and the Ticino), reveals geographical and disciplinary fringes and takes place both online
and in real space.
25 September 2021
Lucerne School of Art and Design, Aktionshalle
Nylsuisseplatz 1, 6020 Emmenbrücke

Introduction, Inputs + Discussion

10.00 Rachel Mader
Welcome and Introduction
Sarah Kolb
Topologies of Artistic Research. Notes on the Transformative Turn in Art
Kadiatou Diallo
Jens Badura
the genius of place – outline of an aesthetic topology
11.10 Discussion
11.30 Break


11.45 Andrea Glauser / Barbara Ungepflegt
Where Is My Where? Preview/Intro

12.15 Tobias Matter
Augmented Co-Creation for Public Spaces

12.30 Lunch break (onging Augmented Co-Creation for Public Spaces)


13.30 Practices of Attunement / PoA
practices of attunement: together//apart
14.40 Donatella Bernardi
Beyond Connections and Endemism
15.10 Break
15.40 Florian Kutzli/Fernando Garcia
potential landscape

16.20 Ilka Becker, Sarah Kolb, Jutta Strohmaier
The Lure of Mycelial Space: Sharing Knowledge with/through Mushrooms

17.20 Resume and Previews

18.00 Apéro – Drinks and Snacks

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Admission only with a valid Covid certificate.

On 13 + 14 May 2022, the conference continues at SUPSI in Ticino and at édhéa in Sierre, and finally
concludes in the Gotthard area. All actions and contributions will be continuously documented online.

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