JOB Jul 15, 2021

Curator Art-Lithography, Dutch Museum of Lithography, Valkenswaard

Application deadline: Aug 23, 2021

Lowies Mevrouw Giesen-Verbiest

The Dutch Museum of Lithography is busy innovating and is developing into a LithoMuseum which focuses on the the current relevance of lithography globally from the point of view of Art, Craft and Technology. During the last years the museum has been profiling itself by means of successful Art exhibitions. In order to make further steps into the transition of a LithoMuseum we are looking for a


Description of the job in the organisation:
The curator we are looking for reports to the manager. Within the organisation the curator will work closely together with the member of the Board for Art, the Art Advisor, the master lithographer, the employee for marketing and communication and the office manager. In addition the curator will work together with the volunteers of the group Collection and Exhibitions.

Purpose of the job / Activities in relation to :
- Development in the policy of collection and presentation as far as Art-lithography is concerned.
- Organising temporary and permanent exhibitions and projects in the field of Art-lithography, historically as well as contemporary. This in line with the vision of the museum.
- Management, preservation and acquisition of the collection.
- Doing scientific research and writing publications.
- Translating relevant stories and lectures into programmes for the public and supporters.

What skills are required from the curator of Art-lithography ?
- A relevant completed academic degree in Art-history.
- Knowledge of both historical and contemporary Art(lithography)
- Very good communicative skills and being able to make a complex story understandable for different target groups.
- Minimal three years of relevant experience with a relevant network with museums, collectioners and dealers.
- Skills in working with projects and working in teams.
- Focus on diversity and inclusion in the cultural world.
- Enthusiasm to develop the theme of Art further within the context of the LithoMuseum and making connections with the subjects of Craft and Technology.

We expressly invite anyone to apply who answers to this profile of a new curator.

What do we offer ?
- A stimulating and dynamic working environment with good mutual relations. The opportunity to help expand a new museum.
- Salary scale 9 with possibilities to scale 10 in accordance with salary regulations of the Museum CAO.(Collective Labour Agreement). We also offer a pension scheme according to this CAO.
- As a start we offer a one-year-contract with an appointment of 28 hours a week.

Interested ?
Our director, Maarten Kentgens, is looking forward to seeing your reaction in the form of a motivation and a curriculum vitae, on Monday 23 August at the latest via
First application talks are planned for the beginning of September.
For further questions you can contact Maarten Kentgens tel. 040-2049841 or 06-41221685.

This vacancy is made possible thanks to the Coronaregeling Medewerkers Collectiebeleid van het Mondriaan Fonds. In accordance with this regulation, the candidate agrees to be named for appointment to this Fund.

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