TOC Apr 10, 2021

Artls Bulletin, vol. 10, issue 1

Catherine Dossin, Purdue University

We are pleased to announce the publication of the latest issue of the Artls Bulletin vol. 10, issue 1 (Spring 2021).

Images in Circulation
Edited by Léa Saint-Raymond

Sub signo Capricorni. The Image of Capricorn in Glyptics: Literary Sources, Gemstones, Impressions, Drawings
Alessandra Magni, Umberto Verdura, and Gabriella Tassinari

Travelling Images in the Global Context: A Case Study of the Short-Lived 18th century Akita Ranga Painting School in Japan
Kuniko Abe

Extensive and Intensive Iconography. Goethe’s Faust Outlined
Evanghelia Stead

The Copy & The Real Thing: Changing Perceptions Between the Rubens Centennials in 1877 and 1977
Griet Bonne

How to build a World Art: The Strategic Universalism of Colour Reproductions and the UNESCO Prize (1953-1968)
Chiara Vitali

To Let See. The Shocking Picture as a Social Mobilization Weapon
Beatriz Martínez Sosa

Circularity and Visibility in Italian Art Periodicals (1968-1978)
Denis Viva

Notes on the Circulation of Epistemic Images
Nina Samuel

Un mode d’existence équivoque Ce que Touching Reality de Thomas Hirschhorn dit de la circulation des images.
Pascale Borrel

Circulation of Images, from Recognition to Erasure: An Artist’s Response
Lei Xie

Artls At Work
Provincializing New York: In and Out of the Geopolitics of Art After 1945
Béatrice Joyeux-Prunel

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