CFP Mar 21, 2021

Session at SECAC 2021 (Lexington, KY, 10-13 Nov 21)

77th Annual Meeting of the Southeast College Art Conference, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, USA, Nov 10–13, 2021
Deadline: May 4, 2021

Georgina G. Gluzman

Feminist Genealogies in Latin American Art

From: Georgina G. Gluzman
Date: Mar 19, 2021

Session Chair:
Georgina G. Gluzman (CONICET-UdeSA)

In the past decades, the Latin American art scene has intersected radically with feminist and LGBTIQ+ claims, in a context of massification of gender struggles. From Paola Vega’s project Las promesas to the feminist re-readings of the mythical figure of Argentine politician Eva Perón, one of the main lines of work present in the work of women, queer, and gender- nonconforming artists is the necessity to recover, invent, or reconfigure inherited narratives about the past. These new ways of visualizing feminist histories have sought to unearth the local roots of gender disobedience, to destabilize nationalistic (and masculinist) histories, and to highlight forgotten fragments of the past that, telescoped through our feminist present, take on another importance. This panel aims to deepen our knowledge of radical artistic practices in the last few decades that deal with alternative and feminist reconstructions of history in Latin America. We invite papers dealing with women, queer, and gender-nonconforming artists seeking to challenge traditional histories and to foster a Latin American art history that highlights works that desire to re-imagine the (colonial, dictatorial, heteronormative) past from our feminist present.

Interested scholars, activists, or artists should submit for consideration an abstract of 200 words or less via the following online portal: In case you have any questions regarding the session, contact Georgina G. Gluzman (

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