ANN Mar 20, 2021

Looted Art and Postcolonial Justice: Decolonizing the Art Museum (5 Apr 21)

online (Zoom) / California State University, Sacramento, Apr 05, 2021

Rachel Miller, University of California, Sacramento

Dear Colleagues,

At California State University, Sacramento, we are pleased to announce the seventeenth iteration of our annual symposium, this time in a virtual format, with the theme "Looted Art and Postcolonial Justice: Decolonizing the Art Museum.” We have invited two exciting speakers on this important topic and hope that holding the symposium over Zoom will allow more people to be able to attend. Please consider joining us!

Time/Date: Monday, April 5, 5:30-7:00pm (Pacific Daylight Time)

The symposium "Looted Art and Postcolonial Justice: Decolonizing the Art Museum," hosted by the California State University, Sacramento Art Department, will delve into repatriation struggles across the globe. From the infamous museum scene in the film Black Panther to the plans for a new Museum of West African Art in Nigeria, recent calls for repatriation have put museums under greater public scrutiny.

Speakers Dr. Ndubuisi C. Ezeluomba (Françoise Billion Richardson
Curator of African Art, New Orleans Museum of Art) and Dr. Boreth Ly
(Associate Professor, University of California, Santa Cruz) will focus
on artworks from West Africa, Cambodia, and beyond that have been at the center of repatriation struggles. The lively discussion will ask:
what should museums do with looted art objects? How do we reimagine these profoundly colonial institutions?

The event is sponsored by the CSU Sacramento College of Arts and
Letters and the OneWorld Initiative.

To register for the event, use this URL:

Facebook event page:

5:30pm PDT - Welcoming Remarks

5.45-6.15pm PDT - Dr. Ndubuisi C. Ezeluomba, ““Do We Want It Back? Benin Royal Arts & Questions of Restitution”

6.30-7:15pm PDT - Dr. Boreth Ly, “More Than Commodities: Repatriation of ‘Art Objects’ in the Cambodian Cultural Context”

7.15-7.30pm PDT: Conclusion

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