CFP Feb 21, 2021

Session at MSA on Migration (Chicago, 4-7 Nov 21)

Chicago, Nov 4–07, 2021
Deadline: Mar 31, 2021

ArtHist Redaktion

Panel in the Modernist Studies Association’s Annual Conference on MIGRATION


From: Margareta Ingrid Christian,

"Arts of Migration" in German Modernism

The panel “Arts of Migration" in German Modernism invites papers on transnational and other kinds of migration and its impact on literature, architecture, design, music, the visual arts, foodways, sports, and other forms of cultural expression in German modernism. Examples include (but are not limited to) the migration of Bauhaus aesthetics to the United States, which was spearheaded by emigres like Mies van der Rohe; the exile of the major figures of the Frankfurt School to Los Angeles; the transplantation of the right-wing Austrian School of economics to New York City and Hyde Park Chicago. Participants are encouraged to consider how migration transforms the culture of the host country by introducing influences from abroad, and how the host country in turn indigenizes imported traditions.

Please submit 250-word abstracts and brief bios (100 words) to Margareta Ingrid Christian ( by March 31, 2021.


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