CFP Apr 18, 2012

Demons in Russian Icons, AATSEEL 2013 (Boston, 3-6 Jan 13)

Boston, Massachusetts, USA, Jan 3–06, 2013
Deadline: Jul 1, 2012

Raoul Smith, Museum of Russian Icons

I am proposing a panel on demons in Russian art for AATSEEL 2013.

The panel will be chaired by Sally Pratt.

For the panel I am proposing to give a paper on the representation of demons focusing mainly on 17th c. Russian icons and illustrated manuscripts. Since icons are meant to make the invisible world visible, they help to shed light on contemporary interpretations of concepts such as evil.

Focus on provenance of a particular demon type is of interest as well as such topics as to the type of evil being represented with a particular subset of features such as color, etc

For further information please contact me at

--Prof. Raoul Smith
Museum of Russian Icons
Clinton, MA 01510

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