CFP Dec 2, 2005

GSA Annual Conference (Pittsburgh, 28 Sep - 1 Oct 2006)

Thirtieth German Studies Association Annual Conference

Pittsburgh, PA 28 September - 1 October 2006

Section: Medieval, Early Modern, and Eighteenth Century - Call for Papers

For the next German Studies Association Annual Conference, the division
"Medieval, Early Modern, and Eighteenth Century" invites scholars to submit
panel proposals and individual papers on all topics. In addition, the
division seeks to build a series of sessions clustered around two broader,
interdisciplinary themes: "Radical Enlightenment" and the "Culture of War".

Some subtopics that suggest themselves for the first include: Hermeticism,
Spinoza reception, secret societies, vitalism, radical Pietism, Natural Law,
German Orientalism and Occidentialism, reception of the antique, Maupertuis,
Euler, cabalistic, and so on. For the second, on the Culture of War, one
might consider dynasticism, the role of religion, gender, violence and
massacres, representations (in art, literature, and music), and the like.
These are, however, only suggestions and we encourage scholars to submit other
topics and suggest other themes within these two broad frameworks.

Anyone wishing to submit a panel, should contact Mary Lindemann

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