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Image and Narrative 13 (2005)

Patricia Allmer

Belgian Surrealism Since 1924


Issue 13.
The Forgotten Surrealists: Belgian Surrealism Since 1924
(Guest edited by Patricia Allmer and Hilde Van Gelder)

Patricia Allmer and Hilde Van Gelder

Ainsley Brown
René Magritte and Paul Éluard: An International and Interartistic Dialogue

Stacy Fuessle
The Belgian Surrealists and Sade: A Criminal Affinity

Sebastian Hackenschmidt
A Material Matter: Marcel Broodthaers' Use of Bones as a Surrealist
Intervention against the Political Cult of the Dead

Silvano Levy
Magritte at the Edge of Codes

Neil Matheson
E.L.T. Mesens - Dada Joker in the Surrealist Pack

An Paenhuysen
Surrealism in the Provinces: Flemish and Walloon Identity in the Interwar

David Scott
Words in the Paintings of Paul Delvaux

Ben Stoltzfus
La Belle captive: Magritte's Surrealism, Robbe-Grillet's Metafiction

Janet Tyson
The Persistence of Mystery: René Magritte as a Regional Artist

With reviews by Liesbeth Decan and Jan Baetens

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