CFP Oct 5, 2005

Jewish Studies (Moscow, 23-27 Jul 06)

Maria Liberman

VIII CONGRESS of the European Association for Jewish Studies

Moscow, 23-27 July 2006


The executive committee of the European Association for Jewish Studies is
glad to announce that the next congress of EAJS will take place in Moscow on
July, 23-27, 2006. It will be the first EAJS Congress held in Eastern
Europe. We hope to bring together scholars from both Eastern and Western
Europe. The theme of the Congress is 'Past and present perspectives in
Jewish Studies'. The local organizers are the International Center for
Russian & East European Jewish Studies, and "Sefer" Center for University
Teaching of Jewish Civilization.

Members of the European Association for Jewish Studies and all other
scholars in the various fields of Jewish Studies are invited to participate
in the VIIIth EAJS Congress. Scholars are welcome to attend the Congress
whether or not they intend to present a paper.

Proposals for Lectures (20 minutes + 10 minutes for discussion) should
contain a title and a 300-word abstract.

Please send applications to: till December 1, 2005

Please select from the list of Sections the subject area in which you choose
to have your proposal considered. You may submit your proposal to only one
Section. However, please be aware that the Congress Committee and Section
Chairs will work together in placing proposals in other appropriate Sections
if a worthy proposal cannot be placed in the Section to which it was
submitted. Also attach your CV, return mailing address, e-mail address, fax,
and telephone number. All abstracts will be forwarded to the appropriate
Section chairman, who will make the final selection of lectures to be
presented. DO NOT SEND abstracts to Section Chairs.



Prof. Dr. Philip Alexander (Manchester)

Dr. Alexander Nemirovskiy (Moscow)

Talmud, Midrash & Rabbinics

Prof.Dr. Arkadiy Kovelman (Moscow)

Dr.Sacha Stern (London)

Modern Jewish Literature

Prof.Dr. Alexander Kobrinskiy (St.Petersburg)

Modern Hebrew Literature

Dr.Tsila Ratner (London)

Prof.Dr. Alexander Kryukov (Moscow)

Mediaeval Jewish Philosophy

Prof.Dr. Stefan Schreiner (Tuebingen)

Prof. Dr. Dmitriy Frolov (Moscow)

Mediaeval & Early Modern Jewish History & Culture

Prof.Dr. Wout Jac. Van Bekkum (Groningen)

Prof.Dr. Albert Van der Heide (Amsterdam-Leiden)

Judeo-Greek Studies

Prof.Dr. Nicholas de Lange (Cambridge)

Dr. Yevgeniya Smagina (Moscow)

Karaite Studies

Prof. Dr.Emanuela Trevisan Semi (Venice)

Dr. Alexander Gertsen (Simferopol)

Sephardi-Mizrahi History

Dr.Elena Romero (Madrid)

Prof. Dr.Valeriy Dymshits (St.Petersburg)

Modern Jewish History in Eastern Europe

Prof. Dr. John D.Klier (London)

Prof. Dr. Oleg Budnitskii (Moscow)

Modern Jewish History in Western & Central Europe

Prof. Dr. Ivana Burdelez (Dubrovnik)

Prof. Dr. Rashid Kaplanov (Moscow)

Modern Jewish History in Non-European Countries

Prof. Dr.William Rubinstein (Aberystwith)

Prof. Dr. Mikhail Chlenov (Moscow)

Israel Studies

Dr.John Bunzl (Vienna)

Prof. Dr. Andrey Fedorchenko (Moscow)

Jewish Mysticism

Prof.Dr. Giulio Busi (Berlin)

Dr.Leonid Matsikh (Kiev)


Prof.Dr. Ada Rapoport-Albert (London)

Dr. Igor Turov (Kiev)

Modern Jewish Thought & Theology

Prof.Dr. Donatella Di Cesare (Rome)

Prof.Dr. Boris Gubman (Tver)

Jewish History in Late Antiquity

Prof. Dr. Martin Goodman (Oxford)

Prof. Dr.Igor Tantlevskiy (St.Peterburg)

Holocaust Studies

Prof. Dr. Ivo Goldstein (Zagreb)

Dr. Ilya Altman (Moscow)

Jews & the Arts

Edward van Voolen (Amsterdam)

Dr. Igor Dukhan (Minsk)

Science & Jewish Cultures

Dr. Gad Freudenthal (Paris)

Prof. Dr. Markham J.Geller (London)

Yiddish Studies

Prof.Dr. Marion Aptroot (Duesseldorf)

Dr.Galina Eliasberg (Moscow)

Gender Studies

Prof. Dr. Anna Foa (Rome)

Dr. Yuriy Zaretskiy (Moscow)


Prof. Dr. Fabrizio A.Pennacchietti (Turin)

Prof. Dr. Alexander Militarev (Moscow)

Social Sciences

Prof. Dr. Barry Kosmin (London)

Prof. Dr. Vladimir Sobkin (Moscow)

Jewish Manuscripts

Prof.Dr.Mauro Perani (Bologna-Ravenna)

Dr. Shimon Yakerson (St.Petersburg)


The language of the Congress is English. Russian will be used at plenary
sections (where simultaneous translation will be provided) and at the
meetings of the section devoted to Modern Jewish History in Eastern Europe.

Information on the venue, transportation, kosher catering, etc. will be
contained in the Second Call for Papers which we are planning to issue in
November, 2005.


for EAJS members:
Before April 1, 2006
After April 1, 2006

for non-members:
Before April 1, 2006
After April 1, 2006

Participants at the 2006 Congress as EAJS members (i.e. paying the lower
conference fee for members) must pay up all overdue membership fees since

Conference fees would be paid to the Secretariat at Yarnton.


Congress Committee:
Phone: +7 (095) 254-2556
Fax: +7 (095) 254-8244

We are looking forward to your applications and see you in Moscow!

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