CFP Oct 11, 2005

History of Art and Archaeology (Ithaca 17-18 Feb 06)


Call for papers

"On Edge: Visual Culture across Boundaries"

Department of History of Art and Archaeology
Annual Graduate Symposium

Cornell University, 17-18 February 2006

We cordially invite the submission of abstracts for the 2006 Graduate
Student Symposium in the Department of the History of Art and Archaeology at
Cornell University. We will focus on art historical scholarship that
transverses regional boundaries such as those imposed by geography,
nationhood and religion. In reconsidering the nature of imposed boundaries,
we ask that papers address through their theoretical orientation,
methodology or case studies, the notion of the region and how visual culture
is created or responds to shifting geographies. Regions may be constructed
in a variety of ways including those which are construed more broadly as
extended spatial locations or may alternatively be perceived as spaces
defined by a specialized function that is dependent on a specific system.
Papers may cover the regimes of objecthood or the built environment, and we
also extend our invitation to those working on visual culture in related
fields, including but not limited to cultural and historical geography,
history, classics, anthropology and literature. In doing so, we encourage
submissions that explore the full range of definitions of boundaries as well
as those that postulate new ones.

Please send 250-word abstracts to the co-organizers (Kelly Cook and
Emily Kelley) at

Abstracts should be received by 15 December 2005.

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