Mar 21, 2004

EDITORIAL: M. Bruhn leaves board of editors

Matthias Bruhn

To our readers.

Dear friends and colleagues:

The idea to create an international discussion list for art historians
came up in 1998. Now, after 5 years of volunteering work for this
project, I have decided to leave the editorial board of ArtHist. This
will not affect our daily list service, since we are soon to be joined by
new members who are trained to run it.

I'd like to take the occasion to say thank you to all the people who
helped me to do this job. In particular, to Karsten Borgmann and the H-
Soz-u-Kult team, the people at the STS Department in Hamburg, and the H-
Net staff at Michigan State University for helping us set up the system.
Then, of course, to my former and current ArtHist teammates, as well as
to our friend Pablo Schneider at Humboldt University, for his
collaboration during the intitial phase of ArtHist. And finally, to all
the subscribers and readers whose contributions are the essence of the

Keep us posted.

Best wishes,
Matthias Bruhn

Stuttgart / Berlin, March 19, 2004

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