CFP Sep 12, 2002

Western painting and sculpture (Albuquerque NM, 02/2003)

Feb. 12-15, 2003, Albuquerque Hilton, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Deadline for proposals: Nov. 15, 2002

The Southwest / Texas branch of the ACA/PCA announces a call for proposals
for papers on painting and sculpture in the West to be presented at its
annual meeting in February 2003 in Albuquerque. Papers should be
approximately 20-25 minutes long and should be original works of scholarship
that have not been presented or published elsewhere. Proposals should be no
longer than 500 words. Days and times of sessions to be determined. Papers
should be about painting, drawing, other graphic media, and sculpture created
in the West, by artists from the West and / or living in the West, and
depicting subjects and themes of the West. The variety of topics and themes
is considerable and may include but is not limited to:

o topographical landscape illustration by early explorers /
o the Hudson River School in the West-Albert Bierstadt and others
o the classic painters of the West- George Catlin, Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait,
Thomas Moran, Frederic Remington and Charles Russell
o California Impressionism
o the Taos artist colony and early painters in New Mexico
o painting in the Pacific Northwest
o painting in Alaska and Western Canada
o the Western landscape in the U.S. and in Mexico-different perspectives
across the border
o the uniqueness of the terrain and people of the West as reflected in the
subjects and styles of Western landscape painting
o Manifest Destiny and the West / politics and Western painting
o images of Native Americans in Western painting and sculpture
o images of Mexican-Americans in Western painting and sculpture
o frontier life as depicted by artists; the closeness or detachment between
art and real life
o the real versus the ideal / perception versus imagination in visualizing
the Western terrain
o Regionalist painting of the 1930s in the Southwest, California, and
Millard Sheets, Jerry Bywaters, Joe Jones, Alexander Hogue
o depictions of the West by women
o depictions of the West by Native Americans
o depictions of the West by Mexican-Americans
o depictions of the West by American artists of the early 20th century who
came from the East-Robert Henri, John Marin, Marsden Hartley, Georgia
o depictions of the West by foreign artists
o how do different ethnic, racial, and socio-economic groups visualize the
o ecology and environmentalism in Western painting, sculpture
o portraiture in the West, depictions of famous Westerners
o early modernists who painted the Western landscape-Birger Sandzen, Bror
Nordfeldt, Andrew Dasburg, Agnes Pelton, Raymond Jonson, Lawren Harris
o modern and abstract art in the West-Stanton Macdonald-Wright, Raymond
Jonson, Lawren Harris, Georgia O'Keeffe, Josef Bakos, Agnes Pelton, Jackson
Pollock, Clay Spohn, Clyfford Still, Richard Diebenkorn, Agnes Martin
o depictions of the urbanized and suburbanized West
o Earth Art-Robert Smithson and Walter de Maria
o relationships between Western painting and photography or film
o public art in the West; monuments and memorials in the West and about the
o contemporary painters of the West
o recent trends, developments, styles and new media as they have developed
in the West; how they are different from parallel developments elsewhere, how
are they related to the intellectual and philosophical currents in Western
life and art forms

Proposals should be sent to

Herbert R. Hartel, Jr., Ph.D.
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Art History
John Jay College of Criminal Justice
City University of New York
899 Tenth Ave.
New York, NY 10019
Dept. of Art, Music, and Philosophy
Room 325

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