Q Jul 26, 2002

Ines de Barcy (France, fl. c. 1890-1930)

Q: Ines de Barcy

Can anybody kindly direct me to sources about this French painter,
fl. c. 1890-1930? A websearch yielded no results. A colleague in the
National Library of Ireland has come across a portrait by her dated
1918 and bearing some resemblance to Oscar Wilde (d.1900) but he oto
has found out no more than she did occasionally exhibit in the 1920s.
I am interested in the fin-de-siecle painters and their interaction.
If de Barcy was painting Wilde from memory, this would account for
the likeness not being entirely convincing, but who else she did
paint from that milieu?

David Rose
D.C. Rose
Department of English / Centre for Irish Studies
Goldsmiths College
University of London



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