CFP May 14, 2002

The Bauhaus Legacy - symposium (SPSU, 24.-27.10.02)

Tony Rizzuto

Dear Colleagues,

The School of Architecture, CET and Construction at Southern Polytechnic
State University, in conjunction with our sister school the Hochschule
Anhalt, Dessau, are pleased to host an international symposium entitled The
Bauhaus Legacy: Myth, Reality and Reevaluation, Oct. 24- 27 2002. I would
like to extend an invitation to your subscribers to submit papers. Please
forward this message to any interested colleagues. Thank you.

The Bauhaus Legacy: Myth, Reality and Reevaluation Oct. 24- 27, 2002

The Bauhaus has become synonymous with the very idea of Modernity,
possessing mythological status in the modern consciousness. Yet this myth
often obscures the confrontational and fragmentary nature of its reality.
>From its inception the Bauhaus sought to address the complex social,
political and aesthetic issues of the day, in an attempt to unite art and
life in the face of industrialization. The internal debates that ensued were
often contentious and contradictory revealing the turbulent substructure of
modernity. Contemporary criticism centers on a reevaluation of the basic
tenets of modernism, and the Bauhaus lies symbolically at the heart of this
reevaluation. This symposium seeks to address the programmatic and
ideological debates that shaped the Bauhaus and explore their relationship
to the Post- industrial condition and contemporary architectural education.

Suggested Topics for consideration include:
The Legacy of the Bauhaus in contemporary built work and theory
Design Pedagogy
Architecture and the Politics of Production
Architecture and Craft
Modern vs. Post-Modern Humanism

Additional information, including submission guidelines and topics can be
found at
Please note there are three pages on the website.

Paper Submissions are due Friday July 12, 2000. Questions on the conference
and call for papers may be addressed to Tony Rizzuto,

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