The Making of Architects / Architecture in the Making (Darmstadt, 2-3 Feb 2012)

Darmstadt, February 2 - 03, 2012
Registration deadline: Jan 20, 2012

The Making of Architects / Architecture in the Making

International Workshop of the Architectural Sociology Working Group

2/3 February 2012, TU Darmstadt, Room S3 20 / 18 (Rundeturmstraße 10)

Planning and building are deeply complex processes. The objective of architectural design is to provide solutions to problems that extend beyond spatial-functional requirements and which have aesthetic, social and cultural implications. The goal of this workshop is to discuss the social framework of planning and building using the example of the figure of the architect. We will examine the processes, routines and techniques that shape the production of architectural knowledge and inquire into the conditions of possibility that underlie the making of architecture.

The Architectural Sociology Working Group (AG Architektursoziologie) is a collaboration between the Cultural Sociology Section and the Urban and Regional Sociology Section within the German Sociological Association (DGS).

Organizers: Monika Grubbauer and Silke Steets (both TU Darmstadt)


Thursday, 2 February

9.30 Welcome and Introduction

Design Processes

10.00 Kenton Card (BTU Cottbus): Architects of Objects or Architects of Balance

10.40 Felix Marlow (HCU Hamburg): The Classical Background: On the interdependency of professional and everyday practice using the example of family homes

11.20 Nicole E. Stöcklmayr (IKKM, Weimar): Actors in Architectural Design Competitions

12.00 – 13.00 Lunch Break

13.00 Judith Reeh (TU Darmstadt): Ground Course Design: The production of architectural knowledge at nine Technical Universities in Germany

13.40 Monika Kurath (ETH Zürich): Academizing Architecture: Design as a research practice

14.20 Dorothee Obermaier (Hochschule Darmstadt): Design Monopoly of the Producers of Space and Architecture: Professionals among themselves

15.00 – 15.30 Coffee Break

Historical Perspectives

15.30 Niklas Naehrig (ETH Zürich): The »bon architecte« in Philibert Delorme's Premier tome de l'Architecture: A political architect?

16.10 Paul Anderson (California State University): »Il Capomastro Architetto« and the Making of Architects in Renaissance and Baroque Rome

16.50 Uta Karstein / Fanny Stoye (Universität Leipzig): »If They Gave me Plenty of Rope in Designing the Interior and the Exterior«: Positioning strategies of freelance architects – exemplified by the Parish Church Architecture around 1900

17.30 – 18.00 Coffee Break


18.00 Paul Jones (University of Liverpool): Architecture as »Truth Spot«? Making Architecture and Making Claims

Friday, 3 February

Political Frameworks

9.00 Rob Imrie (King`s College London): Architecture or Building and the Acculturation of the Architect

9.40 Luísa Veloso, João Sebastião, Joana Marques and Alexandra Duarte (CIES - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa): Architecture and Political Aims: The role of a public program in the configuration of the architects' professional field

10.20 – 10.40 Coffee Break

10.40 Simone Gheduzzi / Denise Tamborrino (Università degli Studi di Bologna): Towards Relational Aesthetics in the Ordinary

11.20 Serhat Ünaldi (HU Berlin): On His Majesty’s Service: Bangkok’s architects between autonomy and heteronomy

12.00 – 13.00 Lunch Break

The Field of Architectural Production

13.00 Deborah Pellow (Syracuse University): »Everybody Thinks They Can Build«: Modern architecture in Ghana

13.40 Gillian Matthewson (University of Queensland): Making and Unmaking: Gender and the architectural profession

14.20 André Bideau (Zürich): The Making of Autonomy

15.00 – 15.30 Coffee Break

Architects as Cultural Producers

15.30 Kim Förster (ETH Zürich): The Social and Intellectual Networks of the New York Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies: Cultural production of architects in times of crisis

16.10 Katrin Klitzke (HU Berlin / HCU Hamburg): Ethnographic perspectives on practices of knowledge production, representation and cultural networking by raumlaborberlin

16.50 Irene Hwang / Danielle Etzler (University of Michigan / Harvard University): With and Without Buildings: The physical and social products of architecture

17.30 Final Remarks

18.00 End of Workshop

Further information & abstracts:

You are invited to participate in the workshop free of charge. Please register until 20 January 2012 by sending an email to:

The Workshop is sponsored by:

LOEWE Research Area »The Intrinsic Logic of Cities«, TU Darmstadt
Faculty of Architecture, TU Darmstadt
Institute of Sociology, TU Darmstadt
Urban and Regional Sociology Section
German Sociological Association

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Contributor: Monika Grubbauer, Technische Universität Darmstadt

Contribution published: Jan 6, 2012

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