CFP: “Remembering Disaster”-The Journal of Art Theory and Practice

Seoul, KOREA, January 4 - October 1, 2012
Deadline: Sep 1, 2012

The Journal of Art Theory and Practice is affiliated with the professional society called Korean Society of Art Theories. The journal is peer-reviewed and published twice a year in print.
In June and December 2012 we plan to publish a thematic issue, “Remembering Disaster,” for which we would like to encourage submissions. We welcome submissions from art historians, critics, artists, curators, philosophers, administrators, and other art scholars and professionals.

We have been experiencing unprecedented disasters, which have taken the immense number of lives, destroyed both nature and civilized sites. Our insatiable desire for development has damaged the ecological system and resulted in global warming, which has brought unpredictable disasters in return such as earthquakes, drought, famine, hurricane, the melting of Arctic ice, rapidly expanding deserts, a pandemic, etc. We explore the ways in which to reflect on these phenomena in relation to art. We seek discussions on historical examples of art, from classical to contemporary, which deals with the relation between the human and disaster. Possible discussion includes philosophical and critical reflections on the sublime facing the unpredictable and unknowable power of the disaster, which the human may have unintentionally caused. All perspectives and methodologies are welcome.

Please send a completed article and a CV (including institutional affiliation and contact information) by 1 March (for June publication) and 1 September (for December publication) 2012 to Please provide short biography in the cover letter. Articles in English language only will be considered. Please refer to the following author guidelines. Decision on submission will be announced by May 10 (for June publication) and November 10 (for December publication). Accepted submissions may be saved for later issue depending on the availability of space.

Author guidelines
Articles should be 5,000-7,000 words long including notes and bibliography.
All submissions should be accompanied by a 300-400 word abstract and 5-10 keywords.
Please provide the title of article, the name of the author, the institution at the beginning of the article.
Please provide bibliography at the end of the article. Follow the Chicago Manual of Style.

Please provide images in a separate file.
All images must be supplied with full captions: image number, artist’s name, title of work - in italic, media, dimensions (cm), date of work, collection (or place of exhibition).
Indicate in your text the approximate place for an image to appear thus: [Image 1]

It is the responsibility of the author to supply all necessary images to the correct specification - 300dpi black and white scans, jpeg - and to obtain copyright permission to reproduce the images they wish to use in their article. This permission must be for print reproduction. We cannot reproduce any images without this permission (permission may be in the form of an email, but in all cases must originate from the copyright holder).

CFP: “Remembering Disaster”-The Journal of Art Theory and Practice. In:, Jan 4, 2012 (accessed Aug 13, 2020), <>.

Contributor: Hee Kim, Kookmin University

Contribution published: Jan 4, 2012

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