CFP Nov 20, 2001

Safundi, Journal of South African & American Comparative Studies

Andrew Offenburger

Comparative Studies(12/15/01)

Safundi, The Journal of South African and American
Comparative Studies, encourages any scholar or professional to submit
a paper for publication on the website, Papers are
being collected for publication in Issue 8 (February 2002).

DUE DATE: December 15, 2001

SUGGESTED TOPICS: Any topic dealing with South African and American
comparative studies: politics, sociology, biology, law, economics,
art, music, letters, history, etc. Essays and personal experience
pieces are also welcomed.

PUBLICATION INFO: Safundi is a peer-reviewed, quarterly, academic
journal devoted to the comparative study of South Africa and the
United States. Christopher Saunders of the University of Cape Town and
Scott Rosenberg of Wittenberg University serve as the journal's

SUBMISSION INFO: Review the writer's guidelines at and then submit your paper at

Papers of a comparative nature receive priority. The website, with the
juxtaposition of disparate papers, aims to compare and contrast the
American and South African experiences.

You must be a member to submit a paper; membership is free and open to
the public at

Thank you.

Andrew Offenburger
Founder & Publisher
Safundi: The Journal of South African & American Comparative Studies

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