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H-Net academic announcements posted 25-26 Oct 2001 (2)

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Subject: H-Net academic announcements posted to the web 2001-10-25 -

Please find enclosed an edited version of the H-Net calendar of academic
announcements (2).

1.) CFP: Black and Latino Cultural Exchanges anthology

Deadline: 2001-11-15

Description: CFP: Editor seeks essays for collection on Black and
Latino culturalexchanges (Abstracts 11/15/01) The relationship
between African Americans and U.S. Latinos representsbut one
aspect of Black-Latino relations worldwide. The
anthologyproposes to study a range of interactions between
Blacks and Latin ...

Contact: inquiries only

2.) ANN: Conference "Narrating and Imaging the Nation", London

Begins: 2001-11-07

Description: The AHRB Centre for Asian and African Literatures, a
joint project between University College London and the School
of Oriental and African Studies, announces three public
lectures in association with the upcoming workshop conference
on "Narrating and Imaging the Nation." On 7 November, at 5.30
pm, ...


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