Sep 12, 2001

EDITORIAL: horror and despair

H-ArtHist - Donandt -

Friends and colleagues,

There are no words to describe the sense of horror and desperation at
the sight of the apocalyptic pictures that haunt all of us since
yesterday. The series of terrorist strikes was aimed at America and
the american people, and yet it did hit humanity in its entirety.

In the face of this catastrophic act of barbaric violence, we feel
urged to express our sympathy with its innocent victims and the many
thousand people who have lost friends and relatives in this senseless
massacre. Given the inconceivable dimension of this devastating
blow it is, alas, quite possible that some of our members are among
them. Besides that, we have to face the sad and shocking fact that
american citizens have to consider themselves the potential object
of a new wave of indiscriminate terroristic aggression.

This may seem to be but a weak and helpless gesture of solidarity.
but the frightful fact that some of us will have to live under such a threat
calls for the full and uncompromised moral support, if this is the only
support we can offer. We are all shocked and depressed.

Please accept our apologies for postponing today's postings.

On behalf of the editorial board,
R. Donandt

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