CFP Aug 25, 2001

Definig Ritual, Grad. Conf. (U Arizona, 25.1.02)

Elisha Fernandes


The University of Arizona's Thirteenth Annual Art History Graduate Student
Association (AHGSA) Symposium, "Defining Ritual," provides a forum for
graduate students in art history and related interdisciplinary fields such
as visual culture, cultural studies, performance, etc., to present scholarly
research and engage in intellectual debate. This year's symposium will
examine the representation of ritual in the arts and ways in which art and
ritual may relate to notions and constructions of personal and communal
identity. What is ritual? How is it defined, depicted and deployed by
artists? How is it received and internalized by audiences? What is the use
and function of art within different practices? How might ritual relate to
issues of race and gender?

Papers may address a multitude of Western and Non-Western topics: sacred
and secular ceremonies, liminal experiences, cultural celebrations, daily
and personal routines, social and family gatherings. Papers including
discussions of performance art, music and photography concerning ritual are
also encouraged.

One page abstracts of scholarly papers concerning all aspects of ritual
accompanied by a curriculum vitae and a brief personal statement or letter
of introduction will be accepted postmarked no later than November 16, 2001.
Presentations are limited to twenty minutes and inter-disciplinary
approaches are encouraged. University of Arizona graduate students will act
as respondents and moderators for panel discussions. The Thirteenth Annual
Symposium will be held in conjunction with the exhibition Defining Ritual at
the University of Arizona's Lionel Rombach Gallery. The exhibition dates are
January 9 - February 14, 2002 with an opening reception on January 18.

The symposium will be held at the University of Arizona on Friday January
25, 2002. This all-day event will consist of graduate student presentations
and panel discussions, as well as a key-note speaker. Honorariums for travel
funds or accommodations may be available.

Send to: 2002 AHGSA Symposium, c/o Courtney Hamrick; 2048A East 1st Street;
Tucson, Arizona 85719. Prospective participants will be notified no later
than November 30, 2001.

Please direct inquiries to AHGSA President Courtney Hamrick at
or to Vice-President Elisha Fernandes at

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