CFP Jul 23, 2001

Intern. Congr. Medieval Studes, Kalamazoo May 2-5, 2002

Julia Miller

37th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan
University, Kalamazoo May 2-5, 2002
Abstracts Deadline: September 15, 2001

Special Session
"In the name of God and Profit:" Images of Commerce and Spirituality
in the Later Middle Ages

This session will explore the multifaceted relationships between
commerce and spirituality as depicted in late Medieval images. The
Italian merchant Francesco Datini's ledger entry ("in the name of God
and profit") illustrates one way in which religious piety and business
practices were integrated in the late fourteenth century. Such a
connection reflects contemporary anxieties over how religious thought
could structure commerce and profit-making. Religious texts also
integrate commercial practices with salvation, such as Jacopo da
Voragine's citation of Augustine, where Christ's redemption of
mankind's original sin was recast as the borrowing of money at
interest and the debt's repayment. The large numbers of images
depicting money, charity, vices connected with greed, and religious
stories related to poverty and wealth, reflect societal attempts
either to delineate moral divisions between profit-making and
religious piety, or to reconcile them. Papers might consider religious
imagery produced in connection with commerce, such as images for
guilds; the depiction of commercial practices in narrative cycles or
manuscripts; commissions for mendicant orders; private commissions;
coinage, or relationships between images and sumptuary laws.

Abstracts must be submitted by September 15, 2001 (see instructions on
the following webpage)

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