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Art History Vol 24, 3

Contents of Art History

Volume 24 : Issue 3
1. Mimesis and Memory in the Narthex Mosaics at the Nea Moni, Chios
Charles Barber

2. Ivory Lists: Consular diptychs, Christian appropriation and polemics of time
in Late
Kim Bowes

3. Meret Oppenheim - or, These Boots Ain't Made For Walking
Edward D. Powers

4. Confrontations with Radical Evil: the ambiguity of myth and the inadequacy
Steven Zucker

5. The Eye of the Expert: Walter Benjamin and the avant garde
Frederic J. Schwartz

6. Hegalian History, Wölfflinean Periodization and Smithesque Modernism
Fay Brauer

7. Reassessing Two Renaissance Artists: Altichero and Cosmè Tura
Helen Geddes

8. Shorter Reviews

9. Abstracts

10. Brain . . . and After: From Conceptual Art to Conceptual Startegies
Michael Corris

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