CONF May 31, 2001

Irigaray Conference, Leeds, UK, 22-24th June 2001

Peter Nix

Registration is now open for the AHRB CentreCATH conference
taking place in Leeds on 22-24th June with Luce Irigaray.

There will be four roundtable sessions each with two co-chairs and three

1 - Arts-Architecture-Cinema
Chairs: Luce Irigaray & Griselda Pollock (AHRB CentreCATH)

2 - Reading-Interpreting-Imparting
Chairs: Luce Irigaray & Joanne Collie (University of Warwick)

3 - Philosophy-Ethics-Politics
Chairs: Luce Irigaray & Stephen Pluhacek (Michigan Technological

4 - Feminine in Theology and Philosophy of Religions
Chairs: Luce Irigaray & Denise Couture (University of Montréal)

Full programme and speaker information is available here:

To register, please print and complete this form:
then mail it with the conference fee to:

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Irigaray Registration
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Old Mining Building
University of Leeds
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