STIP Nov 20, 2020

4-Year-Funding for a PhD on Lucian Freud

University of Birmingham, UK, Sep 26, 2021
Application deadline: Jan 13, 2021

Dr Jutta Vinzent

Interested in a funded PhD? The following offers a fantastic opportunity to work on an exciting project at the University of Birmingham/UK and the National Portrait Gallery, London.

In a nutshell (for further details, see

The Department of Art History, Curating and Visual Culture at the University of Birmingham welcomes applications from strong postgraduate students for a Collaborative Doctoral Award (CDA) on Lucian Freud for the 2021 round.

Lucian Freud (1922-2011) is one of Britain’s best-known artists. Born in Berlin in 1922, Freud emigrated with his mother in 1933, to join his father in London. The project will explore Freud’s drawings and written correspondence from 1928 to ca. 1951 to better understand Freud’s early years as an artist and an insight into the experience and networks of family migration. The project fills gaps in the Freud scholarship, contributes to the increasing scholarship on family migration and probes a new approach to artists’ childhood studies beyond that of reminiscence and child prodigy (Paul Smith 2007 and 2013). This project is a PhD undertaken in collaboration with the National Portrait Gallery, London, which offers a six-month placement in addition to a number of other training opportunities. It will therefore fund 4 years.

What we are looking for
- An MA in History of Art or similar qualification and subject including History
- A reading knowledge in German is advantageous
- Ideally you have some knowledge on German and British twentieth-century visual culture

Application deadline: 13 Jan. 2021 (noon) via online student application form ( ), by which time applicants must have applied for a place to study and have ensured that two academic references are submitted using the Midlands4Cities online reference form. For any information, please, contact the HEI lead supervisor, Dr Jutta Vinzent (

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