CFP Sep 15, 2020

Drain: Queerfacture

Deadline: Feb 7, 2021

Gregory Minissale, University of Auckland

Queerfacture is coined here as a term, open to critique, that aims to provoke thoughts and ideas about different kinds of artmaking. How can facture, technique, spatialization, composition or practice transform LGBTIQ2+ individuals’ experiences of brutal and subtle forms of discrimination? How have artists expressed in their visualisation, embodied practices and materialisation such issues as stigmatisation and othering, exclusion and marginalisation, hate speech and overt forms of violence? How do race, disability, gender and class interact with LGBTIQ2+ identities?

In encountering each other and retelling stories LGBTIQ2+ artists also find common experiences of oppression, and strategies to resist it. Artistic facture has included such things as culture jamming, appropriation, reversal, recoding from within, camouflage, schizoid splitting and re-assemblage, withdrawal and obfuscation, abjection, transgression, parody, camp, queer duration, spatial displacement, abstraction, indexical materialism and direct action. How are embodiment, materiality, duration, spatial organisation and performance able to suggest the particular phenomenal aspects of identity and/or oppression and resistance?

This issue of Drain invites papers, artworks, thought-experiments and creative writing that analyse the power of manufacturing, of creating differently. The issue is open to analyses of any historic period, medium or cultural perspective, using any theoretical approach, such as, for example, queer, postcolonial, poststructuralist, Marxist, feminist, new materialist, posthuman, phenomenological, schizoanalytical or anthropological, and any combination of these or others.

Deadline February 7, 2020
Essays. Around 5,000 words. Double-blind peer-reviewed.
Thought Experiments. 1,500-3,000, peer-reviewed.
Creative Writing. 200-3,000 words; poems etc., peer-reviewed.
Art Projects. A photo essay of artists’ works, up to about 10 high-res, with minimum commentary, also peer reviewed.

Please send your submissions to: Gregory Minissale ( and Avantika Bawa ( Submission guidelines can be found here:

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