CFP: American Ceramic Circle Journal, Volume XXI (Spring 2021)

Deadline: Jan 10, 2020

The American Ceramic Circle Journal is accepting articles for Volume XXI.
Publication Date: Spring 2021

The American Ceramic Circle Journal was first produced in 1971, and in spring 2019 released its twentieth volume. Each volume has typically includes six to eight articles presenting original research on a particular aspect of world ceramics. Many of the articles over the years have concentrated on American, European, and Asian ceramics from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries, but the Journal welcomes a wide variety of ceramics-related topics. Submissions include papers presented at the ACC’s annual symposium, articles based on research sponsored by an ACC grant, and contributions from independent scholars. The Journal is distributed to all current ACC members, both individuals and institutions, as part of their membership, and individual issues are available for purchase on the ACC website (

The American Ceramic Circle (ACC) was founded in 1970 as a non-profit educational organization committed to the study and appreciation of ceramics. Its purpose is to promote scholarship and research in the history, use, and preservation of ceramics of all kinds, periods, and origins. The current active membership of approximately 500 is composed of museum and auction house professionals, collectors, institutions, and a limited number of dealers in ceramics. Member interest is focused on post-Medieval pottery and porcelain of Europe, Asian ceramics of all periods, and ceramics made, used, or owned in North America. The ACC publishes a biennial journal and a biannual newsletter for its members. It organizes an annual symposium and awards annual grants to encourage new research in the field of ceramics.

To be considered for publication, submissions must represent new research or original contributions to existing scholarship. The ACC Journal will not accept papers that have been published elsewhere, either in print or electronic form.

Papers should be in the 2000 – 4000 words range with a maximum of 5000 words, including notes. Shorter papers are welcome, longer papers are possible but need to be discussed with the Journal Committee, and with a maximum 15 illustrations.

All papers should be accompanied by:
- a 50-100 word abstract
- a brief biographical statement

Submissions should be sent via e-mail to the ACC Journal Committee Chairman, Vanessa Sigalas, at: by the submission deadline of January 10, 2020.

Before submitting a full paper authors are encouraged to hand in a one-page synopsis of their work outlining how their paper will expand the research in their area of ceramics history (e.g. unpublished objects/archaeology/documents, how it builds on previous scholarship, etc.).

For submission guidelines, please contact the Chairman at:

Dr. Vanessa Sigalas
Chairman and Managing Editor
American Ceramic Circle Journal

CFP: American Ceramic Circle Journal, Volume XXI (Spring 2021). In:, Oct 8, 2019 (accessed Feb 18, 2020), <>.

Contributor: Vanessa Sigalas

Contribution published: Oct 8, 2019

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