CONF Jun 20, 2019

4th Art + Science Conference on Empirical Methods (Vienna, 4-5 Jul 19)

Department of Art History, University of Vienna, SR 1, Jul 4–05, 2019
Registration deadline: Jul 2, 2019

Dr. Johanna Aufreiter, Belvedere, Research Center

4th Art + Science Conference on Empirical Methods in Art History and Visual Studies

Over the last two decades we have been observing a new trend in the humanities towards the systematic use of empirical methods. The first three Art + Science Conferences on Empirical Methods in Art History and Visual Studies in 2015, 2016 and 2017 proved that Art History and the Visual Studies are no exception to this international trend. Methods for example traditionally stemming from Psychology and Neurology or the Social and Computational Sciences are gradually implemented in art research not only to question premises of classical approaches but to tap new perspectives on our field. The incorporation of these methods also allows transcending encrusted disciplinary boundaries and fosters interdisciplinary dialogue as well as interdisciplinary connectivity.

Despite the uncontested benefit of interdisciplinary research when accessing new methodological ground, the crucial necessity to at least partly re-embed one owns work in the ancestral field remains: a goal that can only be reached, if the art sciences find common ground not only with regard to theoretical but also with respect to methodological issues within their own field. The aim of the Art + Science Conference series is to give new approaches in the art sciences a platform and to support exchange among scholars concerned with empirical approaches to art research.


Thursday, 4 July 2019

9h30 Registration desk open

Conference opening

10h00 Welcome
Hanna Brinkmann (University of Vienna),
Johanna Aufreiter (Belvedere, Vienna)

Section I: Art Perception and Reception
Chair: Johanna Aufreiter (Belvedere, Vienna)

10h20 From Greenberg to Conceptualism: positivism, empiricism and the scientific method in post-war American art
Rahma Khazam (Institut ACTE, Sorbonne Paris I)

10h45 Brain Mapping Censorship and Desire in Second Empire Paris
Lauren S. Weingarden (Florida State University)

11h10 Digital Art and the Sense of Embodiment: An Experimental Aesthetics Project in VR
Hava Aldouby (Open University of Israel)

11h35 Coffee Break

11h50 Perception of Architectural Heritage
Huriye Armağan Doğan (Kaunas University of Technology)

12h15 Spatial and Pictorial Strategies in Perspectival Painting: An Eye Tracking Study
Arthur Crucq (Leiden University)

12h40 A Historical and Empirical Study on Silhouettes and their Aesthetic Experience
Rosa Sancarlo (University of Vienna)

13h05 Labvisit/Lunch Break

Section II: Mathematics and Art
Chair: Zoya Dare (University of Vienna)

15h00 A Mathematical Line in Contemporary Art?
Camilla Calí (Università degli Studi di Napoli), Massimo Maiorino (Università degli Studi di Salerno)

15h25 Plasticity of Seeing
Bahar Akgün (Istanbul Technical University)

15h50 Coffee Break

Section III: Empirical Aproaches and Citizen Science
Chair: Luise Reitstätter (University of Vienna)

16h00 Symposium: Stadt-Land-Bild – A Social Image Analysis
Laura Commare (Albertina), Herbert Justnik (Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art), Paul Reiter (Academy of Fine Arts Vienna), Luise Reitstätter (University of Vienna), Nadja Schmidt (Visuelles, Vienna)

17h00 Get-together

18h30 Conference Dinner (Speakers)

Friday, 5 July 2019

9h30 Registration desk open

Section IV: Technical Art History
Chair: Christian Huemer (Belvedere, Vienna)

10h00 Symposium: An Empirical Approach to the Art History of Material Depiction
Maarten Wijntjes (Delft University of Technology), Jeroen Stumpel (Utrecht University), Mitchell van Zuijlen (Delft University of Technology)

11h15 Is Art History Science? Empirical (visible) evidence, technical art history, and the future of the discipline
Benjamin Binstock (Center for Advancement of Visual Technologies in Art History), David Poeppel (Max Plank Institute, Frankfurt)

11h40 Coffee Break

Sektion V: Letting Lines and Colors carry you away
Chair: Hanna Brinkmann (University of Vienna)

11h55 John Ruskin's Aesthetics of the Curved Line
Chinatsu Kobayashi (Université du Québec à Montréal)

12h20 Just perceivable differences – August Endell's aesthetics of the straight line
Jane Boddy (University of Vienna)

12h45 Vectors of Movement and Forces - Lines and Arrows as Physical Indicators in Interwar Avantgarde Art
Lorena Jonas (Humboldt University Berlin)

13h10 Lunch Break

14h30 "What we need is Lab Work" A Reevaluation of Kandinsky's Bauhaus Questionnaire on Color-Form Correspondences
Beatrice Immelmann (University of Vienna/DFK Paris)

14h55 Camille Pissarro's Call for A 'Scientification of Art'- Colour Theory & the Neuropsychology of Visual Perception
Kimberly Glassman (St Peter's College, University of Oxford)

Section VI: Digital Art History
Chair: Richard Kurdiovsky (Austrian Academy of Sciences) & Luka Rucigaj (Vienna Center for the History of Collecting)

15h30 Forum:
Preservation of monuments between system and society. Diversity of conservation practice in the GDR
Franziska Klemstein (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar)

Digital Art History and the European Timemachine Project – a Nuremberger Perspective
Jacqueline Klusik-Eckert (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg)

Formation of the Canon of Czech Modern Art
Barbora Fickova (Charles University, Prague)

A Digital approach in Heritage - Methodologies and field applications
Ricardo Dias (Empatia Arqueologia, Portugal)

Thirty-six views of the Knoedler File: digital tools, methods, oddities and the stories that emerge
Laurel Zuckerman (independent researcher & author, Paris)

The TRACS platform (Teaching, Research, And Collaboration System) at Texas State University
Jeffrey Lieber (Texas State University)

The Wien[n]erisches Diarium and Habsburg Strategies of Representation
Nora Fischer, Anna Mader-Kratky (Austrian Academy of Sciences)

DoME - Database of Modern Exhibitions, 1905-1915: Form and Functionalities
Christina Bartosch (University of Vienna)

16h30 End of the conference


Conference Committee:

Hanna Brinkmann (University of Vienna)
Johanna Aufreiter (Österreichische Galerie Belvedere, Vienna)
Laura Commare (ALBERTINA, Vienna)

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