Journal of Design History, Volume 32, Issue 2


The ‘Minster’ Jug as a ‘Pet’ Agent of Victorian Design Reform
Rachel Gotlieb

A Study of Alvar Aalto’s Wood Reliefs for Furniture and Architectural Design
Mihoko Ando and Patrick H Fleming

‘The textile student needs little Giotto, (or a little will go a long way)’ (Pevsner. Nov 1968). The 1970 Coldstream Report in response to the art school unrest of 1968
Marie McLoughlin

International Design Organizations and the Study of Transnational Interactions: the Case of Icogradalatinoamérica80
Dora Souza Dias


The Birth of the English Kitchen, 1600–1850
Deborah Sugg Ryan

Interior Decorating in Nineteenth-Century France: The Visual Culture of a New Profession
Catherine Girard

Wearing the Trousers: Fashion, Freedom and the Rise of the Modern Woman
Lou Taylor

Designing for Socialist Need: Industrial Design Practice in the German Democratic Republic
Emily Pugh

Flintstone Modernism, or The Crisis in Postwar American Culture
Alice T Friedman

The HI-group and the Return to Craft: Swedish Furniture and Interiors 1960–1966
Sara Kristoffersson

New Pain. Young Estonian Design in the 1980s
Pekka Korvenmaa

A History of Popular Culture in Japan From the Seventeenth Century to the Present
Marilyn Cohen

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Contributor: Helena Nicholson

Contribution published: Jun 13, 2019

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