More Greek Manuscripts Digitised by the British Library

The British Library is pleased to announce the publication of ten more manuscripts on its Digitised Manuscripts website all of which have been digitised during phase two of the Library’s Greek Manuscripts Digitisation Project, generously funded by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. The newly digitised manuscripts include items from the Library’s Arundel, Harley and Royal manuscript collections.

Among this group of manuscripts can be found a thirteenth-century Synopsis Basilcorum (Arundel MS 516), a collection of letters of Libanius and Synesius from the second half of the fifteenth century (Arundel MS 517), a collection of hymns from the fifteenth century (Arundel MS 520) and some Greek ecclesiastical hymns from the sixteenth century (Harley MS 1613). Also included is Manuel Moschopoulos Greek Grammar (Arundel MS 521), and two Royal collection manuscripts, including a Panegyric upon Henry VIII from the middle of the sixteenth century (Royal MS 16 C X).

The new manuscripts are:

Arundel MS 516

Arundel MS 517

Arundel MS 519

Arundel MS 520

Arundel MS 521

Harley MS 263

Harley MS 1613

Harley MS 1803

Royal MS 16 C IX

Royal MS 16 C X

During the next three months over two hundred more manuscripts will be published to the Digitised Manuscripts website. All new content will be announced on this blog

ANN: More Greek Manuscripts Digitised by the British Library. In:, Oct 12, 2011 (accessed Oct 29, 2020), <>.

Contributor: sophie Arp, The British Library

Contribution published: Oct 12, 2011

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