STIP Nov 22, 2018

Funded Research Fellowships 2019-20, Warburg Institute

Warburg Institute, Nov 22, 2018
Application deadline: Dec 10, 2018

Sarah Wells, Warburg Institute
The Warburg Institute is offering four long-term Fellowships for the 2019/20 academic year for either nine or twelve month periods and ten short-term Fellowships available for two, three or four month periods. These awards enable scholars to undertake a period of research in intellectual, cultural or art history at the Warburg Institute. Applicants must already have a PhD in hand at the time of applying in order to be eligible.
The Warburg Institute is one of the world’s leading centers for studying the interaction of ideas, images and society. It is dedicated to the survival and transmission of culture across time and space, with special emphasis on the afterlife of antiquity.
Fellows are given a space to work and access to the Institutes open-stack Library, Photographic Collection and Archive as well as being paid a stipend to assist with the cost of living in London whilst they undertake their research.
Further information and the links to apply can be found on our website:

The deadline to apply for both the long and the short-term Fellowships is Midnight, Monday 10 December 2018.

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