CFP Oct 6, 2018

Revelar Journal, no. 3 (2018): "No photos, please!"

Deadline: Oct 31, 2018


Call for Papers 'NO PHOTOS, PLEASE!': the photographic portrait as the mediation of contemporaneity. REVELAR Journal, no.3 (2018)

The picture as a representation constitutes the medium/message to communicate/ establish the truth. As a fragment of memory and testimony that the Arts convey from painting to sculpture, the portrait is associated with the concepts of similarity, materiality, and presence configuring, as well, an order. From the rescue of oblivion and death to the legitimation of power, the portrait guarantees the perpetuity of the moment with its solemnity.

And what about the photographic portrait? How does it relate to the definition above or contradicts it? Is there a continuity between the conventional portrait and the contemporary image? During the lifetime of photography is the photographic portrait a continuuum in itself or does it rupture the classic notion of portraiture? From pictorialism to selfies, can we oppose today’s saturation of the image with the singularity of the portrait? And if so, what ethical implications could be derived from the trivialization of this attempt of capture that portrait aims to be?

In times when the portrait on museum is the motto for the self-portrait of the visitor, thinking about photography in relation to aesthetics and ethics is the motto of this call for articles for the 3rd issue of Revelar journal.

Works focusing on the history of photography, antropology, aesthetics, ethics, language and sociology should give prominence to the following themes:

-Individual, collective portrait and self portrait
- Portrait as a social expression
- The implications of photography in public and private spaces
- Photography in its complicity with the strategies of social control
- The photographic image as a discussion / questioning of the Contemporary World

The final date to send the written works (to is October 31st.
The articles must be unpublished and obey the standards indicated here.

Selected articles will be notified by November 15th and will be published until December 31st 2018.

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