TOC May 28, 2018

Journal for Art Market Studies: Translocations and the Art Market

Susanne Meyer-Abich, Deutsches Zentrum Kulturgutverluste

The new issue of the Journal for Art Market Studies explores the multi-faceted historical role of the art market in the displacement of cultural assets.

1. Editorial
2. Bénédicte Savoy, Introduction
3. Christine Howald/Léa Saint Raymond, Tracking dispersal: auction sales from the Yuanmingyuan loot in Paris in the 1860s
4. Cecilia Riva, An Art World Insider: Austen Henry Layard and the Nineteenth-Century European Art Trade
5. Waltraud Bayer, “A Past That Won’t Pass”: Stalin’s Museum Sales in a Transformed Global Contex
6. Céline Brugeat, Monuments on the Move: The Transfer of French medieval heritage overseas in the early twentieth century
7. David Challis, Rodin’s Sculpture in Japan and the Economics of Translocation
8. Gitta Ho, Mobilisation of moveable assets: Objects designated for the art trade from the National Socialist plundering of the “M-Aktion”
9. Julia Friedel/Vanessa von Gliszczynski, Collected. Bought. Looted? Provenance Research at the Weltkulturen Museum in Frankfurt
10. Robert Arlt/Lucie Folan, Research and restitution: the National Gallery of Australia’s repatriation of a sculpture from the Buddhist site of Chandavaram
Short articles:
11. Gidena Mesfin Kebede/Susanne Meyer-Abich, A Reflection: Translocations and Changes in Perspective
12. Eleonora Vratskidou, “A story of wheels within wheels”: looted art at documenta 14
13. Sebastian Willert, Book Review: Fredrik Hagen and Kim Ryholt: The Antiquities Trade in Egypt 1880-1930. The H.O. Lange Papers

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