CONF May 25, 2018

Practice and Power (Dublin, 20-24 Jun 18)

Dublin, Ireland, Jun 20–24, 2018
Registration deadline: Jun 20, 2018

Michael Birchall, L3 5RD

Practice and Power. A major transnational event exploring questions of negotiation, exchange and representation in contemporary collaborative arts practice.

Keynotes: Jeanne van Heeswijk, Pier Luigi Sacco.

Artists across the world are engaging with diverse constituencies to develop projects that seek to influence and expand the possibilities for greater participation and agency across artistic, cultural and socio-political spheres. Practice and Power will consider this paradigm shift towards collaborative processes and methodologies within the arts.

Influenced by globalisation, emerging communication tools and the changing geopolitical landscape over CAPP’s four year arc, Practice and Power will critically engage with questions of negotiation, power and representation in collaborative art practice.

An international community of artists, participants, community activists thinkers, policy makers and programmers will gather in Dublin for this major event, which is the culmination of a series of public Staging Posts held at key points across the CAPP partner network over 2017/2018.

In addition to workshops, discussion events, and networking opportunities Practice and Power will showcase a selection of CAPP projects, share learnings from the CAPP research process and launch the CAPP project publication. Practice and Power marks the final and most significant dissemination moment for CAPP.

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